Saturday, February 21, 2015

50 shades of Grey

I’m completely sure that you have recently heard about a book or a film “Fifty shades of Grey”. 

The first part of the trilogy describes the relationship between a college graduate Anastasia Steel and young, rich businessman Christian Grey. But there’s something more… passion, desire, rules. The rules define the character of their meetings which for me they seem to be devoided of feelings and create the involvement without love. 
The book  was written by E.L. James and it contains plenty of bed scenes.  It has been translated into 52 languages and now it’s a best-seller! 
The same situation with an adaptation: it became a blockbuster and all the places were booked for a film premiere in most cinemas. The opinions are different but we can notice that people who had read the book earlier were disappointed.  

I haven’t read the volume yet but I saw a movie. As I wrote before I find the movie strange. I must read it in the free time to have a comparison. Maybe I will understand some things… 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Saint Valentine

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is is celebrated in many countries around the world. People usually send greeting cards and flowers, give candy or other gifts, prepare romantic dinner or they go to the cinema.  But what interests me a lot, it’s the origin of celebration.  

The roots of Saint Valentine’s Day lie in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. Lupercalia was dedicated to the god Lupercus. It is said that a young man would write down the name of a young woman in a lottery and would then keep the woman as a sexual companion for the year.

Thereupon the Pope was shattered and he changed the lottery: both young men and young women draw the names of saints whom they would emulate for the year. The patron became Valentine. For men the day was an occasion  to give out cards of admiration that included Valentine’s name. 

So it seems that tradition remained.  Have you received any love letters or other gifts? 

Lots of love :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Welcome back!

Hello everyone!
I'm really glad that I can post here again. Since the latest post on my blog I've had a lot of things to do. Firstly I had to finish my thesis. It wasn't so difficult but the situation was complicated because of my job. I used to work in a beauty salon as a lash stylist on Tuesdays (I didn't have classes then), on Saturdays and the days free of study. Of course I also worked every evening at home. Moreover, the daily commute to PoznaƄ took me about two and a half hours. I was overworked and I appreciated any spare moment in the train - I could sleep. As you can see - the time for learning was scant. My boss was rapacious (I had planety of clients) and she didn't allow me to take few days off in the exam session. When I had failed my exams, I opened my eyes...I became vacant and started working on my own. Now I have even more clients and a little more time for me but I don't imagine studying full-time. That's why I've chosen extramural studies. And now thanks to English lessons, I can write here again and practise my English. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Oscars ceremony

   In fact, I haven't seen the Oscars ceremonies yet. I used to watch short movies on youtube and google all the information about movies or actors - their nominations and awards of course. These awards help me to decide what can I watch with my friends when we meet. It's quite fun!
From the list of nominations, I watched Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Gravity was interesting and at the end it was a real tear-jerker. Watching this film, some people could be bored because the greater part of the movie shows us space. I knew that this film couldn't win for one thing - computer scientists invested more efforts than actors and that was the problem...

 The Wolf of Wall Street? Such a gripping plot! A lot of jokes put me in a very good mood! What is more, I think that Leonardo DiCaprio should have won the Oscar for his role in this movie - he presented a young, busy man who wanted to be rich and exactly he taught others how to make a fortune. He was a student, a stockbroker, an employee, he was a son, a father, a husband, he had the mistress, he had a villa, expensive cars, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol - he was everybody and nobody after a while when he lost everything, so, do we want more?

And you? Have you seen other nominated movies?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What has he done??

        I remember a very difficult time in my friend's life. My best friend (we've known each other for 16years), Patrick, was always well-liked. He was the life and soul of the party. He was everywhere. Even if you were in a bad mood for hours, 2 minutes of small talk with Patrick could change it colosally. At school he wasn't the best, he was just average. Despite this fact, the teachers loved him. He had an enormous talent for acting. He joined a theatre interest group and he made his way in what he liked doing, in what gave him a joy. He won a lot of competitions and he was sure about his future. One day he was given a proposal to sign up for Drama School in Cracow. I haven't seen him more satisfied and cheerful! But finally he turned it down... He was young and her mother was afraid of his relocation. And this is why he decided to stay at home, go to the high school and find there similar extra classes related to his interests. But it was the moment where he dropped this idea. He stopped performing ever after. And he regrets it to date. He's still adrift and he can't find his place on earth. I'm certain that he missed the boat. He could be the best actor! In fact, for me he still is...

Monday, December 9, 2013


      Few weeks ago I noticed that tattoos are everywhere. A lot of people is tattooed and it became trendy. But the most shocking fact is that people don't want to hide their new 'skin pictures' - they do want to express them. What's more, I realised that tattoos are addictive - a majority of people who already have tattoos decide to do the new ones from time to time or to correct these old by enlarging. This trend is very popular in the United States (e.g. Rihanna is totally addicted; she has about 15 tattoos and she covers them or makes new regularly) but in Poland it will take few years till the society will accept it. Maybe I'm a little bit old-fashioned but even 50 years ago tattoos were reserved for criminals and this is why it seems to me rather unesthetic. One thing is sure: the decision of making tattoo should be a reasoned choice because it is not for 2 months, this is for the rest of life. Of course, there are differrent methods for removing tattoos but there could be another body interference what is not recommended. How do you think about tattoos?Opposite to that, looking at this 'Eiffel Tower' attached, maybe one day I will own similar...

Monday, November 4, 2013


        The video-clip 'Thriller' of Michael Jackson starts when he and his friend come to a dark forest. The main reason for stopping there is a lack of gas in the car. His friend seems to be a little bit angry and everything indicates that it'll be an unsuccessful date. They walk in silence. After a while, he asks her to be his girlfriend - she doesn't refuse. He gives her a ring what makes her happy. But when a full moon appears, Michael transformates into a warewolf... His girlfriend is petrified and she starts to scream. She's trying to escape but the warewolf is catching up with her.
       In the crucial moment the scene is shifted to a cinema where we can see Michael and his girlfriend watching the same movie which was showed at the beginning of the video-clip. His girlfriend leaves the cinema frightened of a plot. He also quits the cinema auditorium. Later, they're walking down the dark street and he's singing to her. She's glad now and she comes across as a calm and safe teenager. Next, they walk arm in arm. They arrive at a foggy cemetery. Suddenly, the camera shows zombies - very creepy creatures leaving their graves. Their bodies fall to pieces. Michael and his lady notice them because they're in the middle of a zombie-circle. The young lady turns and when she looks again at her boyfriend - she realises that he's also a zombie! Michael and his zombie-team are dancing but while he's singing - he looks like a human. Michael's girlfriend is confused and she escapes. She arrives at a big, darkened house. The zombies run to her. She's hiding in one room but the creatures are unimaginably strong and they're devastating each element of the house.
      Finally, Michael as a zombie is touching his lady on the shoulder, she's screaming and... this darkened house changes into a cosy, bright one. Michael is embracing his girlfriend and she's thinking that it was a nightmare. In fact - it wasn't... Michael turns his head around and then we can see his zombie-eyes once again...